Image by Jess Bailey

About Me

Image of Holly Jarvis Virtual Assistant offering remote support to small businesses

Hi I’m Holly, a Virtual Assistant dedicated to helping busy individuals and small business owners get to the bottom of their to-do lists. Based in Kent, I work remotely with clients throughout the UK to assist them with tasks related to their day-to-day business operations and future growth plans. 

Since graduating from the University of Sussex in 2013, I have worked in various support-based roles in the legal, consulting and public service sectors before my most recent role as the Operations Manager of a globally recognised education company. 

I believe having a good work/life balance and making time for your loved ones is incredibly important. It is part of the reason I started working as a Virtual Assistant and it is also what I want to help my clients achieve with the support services that I offer.


If I sound like someone you would be interested in working with, please get in touch  and let me know how I can help!